Our laboratory

Analytical quality and solventless extraction


Our laboratory works with high professional standards and is specialized in the analysis and extraction of Cannabis Sativa L.

We operate in compliance with HACCP standards, with the aim of obtaining accreditation as soon as possible.

Lab 1

Where we have headquarters

Our laboratory is located in the Toscana Life Sciences Foundation. The regional participation bio-incubator represents one of the most cutting-edge realities in its sector.

Lab 2


To prepare our products we were inspired by tradition, but we went further. Rosin hemp is obtained from the solvent-free processing of the raw material by mechanical separation and pressure. We work in refrigerated rooms to keep the plant's phytocomplex as unaltered as possible.

Our raw material is cultivated and harvested with the utmost care in synergistic culture regimes and minimizing oxidation.

Lab 3

Scientific Committee

Our work is coordinated and guided by the indications of a specially established scientific committee.

We work with SICAM, the Italian Scientific Society for Medical Hemp, with which we organize our R&D and training activities.