Our Culture

Ambra is a benefit company, wich works with rispect for ambient and life. We believe that true change comes from knowledge and awareness

Culture 1

Partnership with SICAM

We work closely with the scientific committee of the Italian Society for Medical Hemp. So we are confronted with the needs of doctors, pharmacists, patients and farmers in order to address our R&D sector and our training offer.

Training for students and professionals

We organize training events, information days, in collaboration with SICAM, universities, farms and pharmacies. We often host these events in the TLS Medicinal Research Center.

Culture 3

Field research and experimentation

In addition to dealing with R&D in the laboratory (extraction techniques, storage, bland, etc.) we do it in our organic and synergistic cultivation.

Our experimentation and processing takes up the entire hemp supply chain, from the seed to the final full spectrum oil bottle.